We work with highly qualified or skilled people to show you may be able to relocate to Australia by applying for Permanent Residency without requiring any sponsorship  or state nomination through certain skilled trade/craft’s or professional occupations deemed to currently be in short supply in the Australian labour market providing the ability to directly contribute to the Australian economy. This is the highest level skilled migration visa and it is totally independent and provide direct permanent residency status to you and your family upon approval. You can choose to live and work anywhere in Australia as this visa holder.

We can help you demonstrate to you how and where to gain the qualifications and skills for an occupation currently on the Australian Department of Home Affairs Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

Our team will explain how you must pass the points test with a benchmark minimum score required to be eligible for a Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) visa. As a higher point’s score may increase your chances of successfully receiving an invitation to apply for the visa, our team are experienced in providing advice and strategies which can help you to be eligible to gain a higher score in the points test.

We will need to have a certified copy of your full birth certificate as the main applicant and each family member can be included in your application. We will explain the criteria to be met by each applicant.

In cases where birth certificates are not available or obtainable in your country of birth, other types of evidence to confirm birth details include, but are not limited to the following certified copies:

  • Family book showing date of birth
  • Christening or Baptism certificate
  • Court documents that verify your name and date of birth
  • Copies of any military service records and or your discharge papers
  • Hospital birth records
  • Official Identity Document issued by your government
  • Current Passport’s
  • Education records

Talk to us today and we can explain the criteria to be met, point test requirement, nominated occupations currently available to make this visa application. As age is an important criteria in this visa application, our advice is if you may want to migrate to work and live in Australia with your family one day, please consider making the application as soon as possible. The total points at each invitation round for this skilled visa has been increasing every 6 months. You may not be eligible to apply in the future what you are eligible today or your nominated occupation may not be listed in the SOL. Don’t take chances contact us today and find out if you are qualified to apply .