Aged Parent Visa allows an elderly parent to live permanently in Australia. The sponsor must be a settled Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. The waiting period for this visa is up to 30 years and it is very high in demand as the favourite family permanent resident visa. The number of this visa allocated each year is controlled by the Department of Home Affairs of Australia. The application will not be moved up the queue even though there may be compelling and compassionate circumstances.
To bypass the long waiting period, you can opt for the Contributory Aged Parent Visa 884 and 864 which requires a higher application fees, requires similar eligibility and leads to permanent residency in Australia.
Who is eligible to apply:
• You must have reached the age where you are eligible for an age pension in Australia. The pension age has been gradually increased from 65 (for men and women born before 1949) to 67 for those born after 1 July 1952.
• You must have at least one child living in Australia who is an Australian citizen, a settled permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.
• At least half of your children are living permanently in Australia.
• You will need a sponsor to apply for the Parent Visa 103. Sponsorship can come from any of the following persons:
• Your child
• Your child’s partner
• The guardian or family member of your child
• The guardian or family member of your child’s partner
• A community organization

What you can do with the Visa:
• Reside in Australia permanently
• Travel in and out of Australia for five years
• Work or study in Australia
• Eligible for Medicare (the healthcare system subsidised by the Australian government.
• Sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence
• Apply for citizenship when eligible

Obligations of sponsor:
• Your sponsor is required to provide all adequate support in terms of accommodation, finance and all relevant moral support for the first two years of your stay in Australia.
• These obligations must cover all financial support for the applicant and any accompanying family members.
• An Assurance of Support (AoS) must be placed with the government for the applicant and adult dependents.
• A sponsor can sponsor more than one parent for this visa