Partner Visa Australia

If you wish to have your partner live in Australia permanently with you, you can make an a partner visa application onshore if your partner is in Australia or a partner visa 309 or partner visa subclass 100 if your partner is outside of Australia. If you plan to get married in Australia, you can apply for a prospective marriage visa to bring your partner into Australia for the marriage ceremony. Either you are married, in a de factor relationship or intend to get married in Australia, you should explore this visa category.

This visa class is also one of the most tedious and lengthy visa to apply as it involves a lot of documentation and evidences throughout the relationship to be submitted by both the applicant and the sponsor. Engaging a qualified registered migration agent to assist you in this visa application will definitely enhance your chance of gaining your visa approval. At Australian Study and Visa Services, we provide you with the prospective marriage visa checklist or partner visa Australia checklist of documentation and supporting evidence to guide you step by step in your partner visa application. And if you wish to spend more time with your partner while waiting for the partner visa application to be processed, we can help you to make a tourist visa  to partner visa application for your partner to visit you in Australia. Our team is experienced with the application of tourist visa Australia in such cases and its processing procedure. We have helped many couples and families to migrate to Australia. Talk to our experts today and let us help you make the visa application to bring your partner to Australia.

If you are in a relationship and planning to get married in the next 12 months or so, you can apply for a prospective marriage visa onshore to bring your partner into Australia. The prospective marriage visa processing times is about 12 months and you have to register your marriage within 9 months upon the visa grant. We advise you about the prospective marriage visa cost and provide you with a prospective marriage visa checklist for your application.

After married, your partner will be eligible to apply for a provisional partner visa 820 which can lead to a full Australian permanent resident partner visa after two years. There are limitations to sponsorship requirement to be met for this visa type.

Contact us today to find out more about the required evidences for the prospective marriage visa application.  The Department carries out detail background checks to ensure a couple is in an exclusive, genuine relationship for this visa category.

Offshore partner visa 309 is meant for couples living outside Australia who plan to migrate to settle in Australia in future. This visa is for couples who are married or have been living together as a couple for at least the last 12 months prior to the partner visa application. The partner visa application can take between 8 to 15 months processing time. This visa category is one of the most lengthy and every application is unique and different from the other. Every situation is different and we will provide you with a partner visa checklist which contain all the relevant documentation and evidence required to meet the partner visa application criteria.  A partner visa application should show strong evidence that you are in a genuine spousal relationship. This is one visa category which case officers in the Department always treat with suspicion and carry out lots of background checks to verify all evidence submitted. Contact us today and we will explain further details and information about your individual case.

Onshore partner visa 820 applies to couples who are already in Australia and would like to make an application in Australia with the eligible spouse or de facto partner as the sponsor. The procedure and rules to follow are similar to offshore partner visa 309 with the latter being applied from outside Australia. Evidence that family and friends are aware of the relationship and can stand as witness, details of communication when you both were apart and evidence of living together to support the genuine spousal relationship. All evidence must be very clearly shown and explained . The partner visa application is complex and can be stressful to many. Our registered migration agents can guide you with the partner visa Australia checklist on what information you need to gather, and submit with your application and the partner visa fee required. Contact us today and our team will guide you every step of the way.