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Australia is a country filled with countless opportunities in terms of employment opportunities, scholarships, internships and qualifications which are highly recognised worldwide.

Having a qualification from Australia will give you a competitive advantage to flourish in life after you graduate, it is also worth mentioning the network of friends you will gain while studying here!

Australian Study and Visa Services are experienced in both employment placement and migration law to help you find the right match for your study experience in Australia. We will get you enrolled to study in Australia by working with education providers and partnerships.

There are many options available for international students including Vocational Education and Training (VET), English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS), TAFEs, private colleges and universities in Australia. We will support you through the process of selecting the right course for your budget and needs. Student placement services are provided by our partners for FREE!

You should focus on securing an Australian Student Visa to study in Australia after you have obtained your Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)  from the institution you have chosen to pursue your study in.

We are here to assist you through your visa application process, advise you on the relevant documentations and evidence that needs to be submitted to the Australian Department of Border Protection, and brief you on the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement and to make a valid visa application. We will provide assistance in home-stay arrangement, student accommodation, and au pair or demi pair where you can choose to work 20 hours (duties related to childcare around the house) with an Australian family in exchange of FREE meals and accommodation.

We can assist you in finding part-time or casual jobs while you are studying in Australia and we can also arrange your Overseas Student Health Coverage (OSHC).

You will need to get a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) from an Australian education provider to study in a registered course approved for international students to be able to apply for an Australian student visa. The duration of your visa depends on the duration your study course as stated in the COE. It is recommended to apply for your Australian study visa a few months in advance of your study period.

You must be covered with a student insurance also known as the Overseas Student Health Coverage (OSHC) throughout the duration of your stay as a student in Australia.


To apply for an Australian student visa, you will need to obtain a Confirmation of Enrolment  (COE) from an Australian education provider to study in a registered course approved for overseas students. The duration of your visa will depend on the duration of your study stated in the COE. It is advisable to apply your study visa a few months ahead of your study period.

You must ensure that the duration of your stay as a student in Australia must be covered with a student insurance also commonly known as the Overseas Student Health Coverage (OSHC).

Students accommodation in Australia has many options. From in-campus hostels, to shared rental house’s or home-stay with an Australian family.

We can help you to find the right place to be safe and comfortable where you live and stay ask us about the best options for you, location, friends, public transport, safe places for students and getting picked up from the airport.

A huge range of accommodation is available to international students above 18.  An indication of the costs is as listed below:

  • Hostels and Guesthouses on campus –  $90 to $280 weekly
  • Shared Rental – $85 to $215 weekly
  • Homestay (with meals) – $250 to $325 weekly
  • House Rental – $165 to $440 weekly
  • Boarding Schools (below 18) – $11,000 to $22,000 yearly


Our education partner will be able to assist you with the type of accommodation which you may require during your study depending on your preference and budget. For the latest listing of the student accommodations available, please contact us directly and we will forward the relevant information to you.

Every student in Australia who is a Student Visa holder can work up to 20 hours per week during their study term and unlimited hours during the study break. Should you wish to find a casual or part-time job in Australia while studying in Australia to gain extra pocket money or to gain some working experience in Australia, we may be able to help you find something you like. Our vacancies for international students include positions in industries like retail business, restaurants, cleaning services, aged care and other businesses.

Talk to us today and we are happy to assist you in your strive to look for a casual position to fill your time while studying in Australia.

An insurance coverage is mandatory for every student during the entire duration you are living in Australia as a Student Visa holder.  As an international student, the Overseas Student Health Coverage (OSHC) protects you from having to pay high medical fees in Australia. The OSHC ensures you receive the medical treatment that you need and that they are affordable to you in Australia. An OSHC is usually required by the relevant higher education provider before a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) is issued to an international student to study in Australia. Our company can arrange for the OSHC to be purchased for the entire duration of your study at no extra cost. We will advise you about the fee involved and we will arrange for the insurance policy to be available to you on the same day for the issuance of your COE. Leave it with us and we will get this done without any hassle at all.

Australian Study and Visa Services understands the cost of living in Australia may be an issue to many young adults who are looking either to study full-time in Australia or coming here on a working holiday visa. Applying to become a demi pair or au pair can be an option to ease the living expenses in Australia. Demi pair or au pair work part-time in exchange for free accommodation (private bedroom), meals, extra pocket money and an opportunity to learn an extra language living with an Australian family.

We have helped many Thai students with places to live, meeting groups of like minded similar age friends, and finding jobs within the Australian Thai community and food and resteraunt industry.

We can help you to connect with social groups and Social media to meet people who can help you to quickly feel comfortable and safe in Australia, they often help you find jobs and live within group shared accommodation and give you great local advice !