There are many types of accommodation for students in Australia. Including shared rental house, home-stay with an Australian Family or in-campus-hostels. There is a large variety of accommodation available for international students above the age of 18.

A summary of the costs is as listed below:

  • Shared Rental – from $85 to $215 weekly
  • Hostels and Guesthouses on campus – from $90 to $280 weekly
  • House Rental – from $165 to $440 weekly
  • Homestay (with meals) – $250 to $325 weekly
  • Boarding Schools (below 18) – $11,000 to $22,000 yearly


What type of student accommodation is available in Australia?

You should consider your accommodation in Australia once you have decided on where you want to study. The things you may want to consider include:

  • the cost of the specific type of accommodation.
  • the location and public transport accessibility (bus or train).
  • the accessibility to shopping centres, health services, or any public amenities.


On campus student accommodation

This may be one of the most convenient and easiest accommodation type available to new overseas students. Most colleges and universities provide their own student accommodation within or near the campus. Living on campus will give you the flexibility of accessing facilities in the campus eg. libraries, sport complexes, and student centres more frequently as they are close by. Most on-campus hostels are comfortable, secure, well-equipped but they are relatively more expensive than student shared accommodation. Depending on your budget and preference, there are shared and single units available to suit you. If you need our help, we can contact the Australian education provider to arrange the accommodation for you.


Rental student accommodation

Houses and apartments that are available as student accommodation are abundant in Australia. Some owners rent the entire house to one student who sublet the individual room out to other students while others prefer to rent individual rooms to students. Contact us and we will let you know about the options available and we can assist you with your accommodation arrangement.



This is an option where a student stays with an Australian family while studying in Australia. Cleaning services and three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are provided in most home-stay arrangements. This accommodation option is suitable for younger students as well as those who love to learn about the Australian way. With home-stay, you will be staying in an Australian family household with the comfort of a home while studying abroad. Participating Australian families of the home-stay program are checked and screened to ensure that the family house is safe and suitable for overseas student. They will be required to have police clearance from the Australian Federal Police Department to participate in the home-stay program for international students.