Our education counsellor can help you to find the course you want to study in Australia or if you are thinking of changing your course of study, Contact Us today. Whether it is a course offered in a university, college, school or vocational education provider, our education counsellors can provide you with the most current advice that adheres to the rules and regulations of the Australian government. The education team is well trained and fully qualified to provide you with every study requirements and the Australian education system and the Australian National Code 2007. We are fully equipped with QEAC qualification along with more than 10 years of experience in student recruitment to help guide you through your study application in Australia.

The career pathway after graduation, the entry requirement, the permanent residency pathway (if any), the tuition fees and the education provider are particularly important when you consider the option to Australia. We are partner with most universities and private colleges in Australia and we will guide you about course options available to overseas students and the available career opportunities upon completing any chosen course. There are also courses with Professional Year study pathway where students gain on-the-job training in their respective professional such as accounting, engineering or information technology in the study. Such course provides great working exposure to international student besides increasing their points towards skilled migration visa upon completion.

Our registered migration agents will assist you about the visa type available to international students to gain Australian work experience after completing your studies and the possibilities of permanent residency upon your graduation, where relevant. Australian General Skill Migration (GSM) visa point system provides extra points to Australian graduates who have fulfilled the 2 years Australian study requirement and bonus points are awarded to applicants who pursue another 44 weeks of Professional Year in Australia upon graduation. We will guide you through the visa application process and provide information about the pathways available to international students in each course in which they wish to pursue in Australia. The information we provide to you will help you to make better, informed decision for your study plan.

Feel free to ask us any questions relating to your plan to study in Australia. We have the answers to questions such as:

We understand that the decision to study abroad is a very big one to you and your family and we are here to provide you with the necessary information and guidance about living and studying in Australia. If you are looking for an education agent in Australia, Contact Us today. We provide both education and migration services to help you achieve your dream of studying in Australia as an international student.