You will be guided every step of the way to words your Australian Visas

We provide you with one free initial consultation with our registered migration consultant to discuss your Australian visas options. Get to know your eligibility for a visa, the fees involved and the average processing time. You get honest and frank answers from us and we only take up cases which has a good chance of winning or approval. All the information you will need with your visa application or immigration needs such as response to the Minister – Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation (NOICC) or Notice of Intention to Consider Refusal (NOICR) or Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), we will guide and support you all the way. Your success is our priority.

Some of the services and common information we provide to our clients:

  • Providing you with your realistic eligibility for a visa.
  • To-do list and how you can make an application.
  • What is ‘Bogus Documents’ or incorrect / false information provided to the Department and the consequences?
  • Checklist of supporting documents and evidence to provide and how to compile this information.
  • What the Australian legislation and laws really mean?
  • The Government Policy interpretation of certain meanings, types of evidence and submissions and the considerations given that may or must be given by case officers
  • The possibility of including your family members and other dependents in your Australian visa application.
  • Character checks and police clearances from every country which you have lived for more than 12 months in the past 10 years.
  • Health Requirements and medical checks by approved providers in your country and when the report must be provided either during lodgment of application and upon visa grant.
  • Visa conditions that must be complied 
  • Your rights or entitlement upon the Australian visa grant
  • Australian visasSubmission to the Department in response to Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation or Refusal.
  • To do list at an Administrative Appeals Tribunal hearing
  • Bridging Visas and what are the conditions you need to comply

Australian Visa Simplified

Business Visas

You are eligible for a permanent or provisional residency in Australia if you are a business owner or investor. There are businesses in Australia which you can buy or start your own business, buy up shares of existing business, invest in property development, farming or research which will help in the Australian economy and community general. We will provide you with all the available options in business migration.

Skilled & Work Visas

If you are professional, skilled worker with work experience in Australia or overseas, you may be eligible for a skilled visa to work and migrate to Australia. You can also be sponsored by an employer or you can be an independent skilled applicant depending on your eligibility.

Student Visas

If you planning to study in Australia to gain world-class education or to gain permanent residency upon graduation, there are pathways available and our education counsellor can help you with the course application and career advice after graduation. Student visa is all about meeting the criteria of Genuine Temporary Entrant. We will guide you through the process.

Family Visas

Are you living in Australia and would like to sponsor a family member into this country? It can be your spouse, child, parent, sibling, relative or even a carer. Contact us today and find out about the visa options and whether you are eligible to be a sponsor to bring your family into Australia.
Australian visas

Partner Visas

Are you planning to get married and bring your fiancee to live in Australia? Can you bring a partner whom you are intending to marry in the near future to live in Australia? If you are married or in a de facto relationship for more than 12 months, you may be eligible to sponsor your partner into Australia. Talk to us today and find out about the different criteria to be eligible to apply for a Partner Visa.

Other Visas

There are many visas options, many reasons to travel, and many reasons to stay in Australia,  talk to us about the appropriate other visas which may allow you to come to Australia.