Australian Visas Simplified

    Business Visas Australia

    You are eligible for a permanent or provisional residency in Australia if you are a business owner or investor. There are businesses in Australia which you can buy or start your own business, buy up shares of existing business, invest in property development, farming or research which will help in the Australian economy and community general. We will provide you with all the available options in business migration.

    Skilled Visas Australia

    If you are professional, skilled worker with work experience in Australia or overseas, you may be eligible for a skilled visa to work and migrate to Australia. You can also be sponsored by an employer or you can be an independent skilled applicant depending on your eligibility.

    Student Visas Australia

    If you planning to study in Australia to gain world-class education or to gain permanent residency upon graduation, there are pathways available and our education counsellor can help you with the course application and career advice after graduation. Student visa is all about meeting the criteria of Genuine Temporary Entrant. We will guide you through the process.

    Family Visas Australia

    Are you living in Australia and would like to sponsor a family member into this country? It can be your spouse, child, parent, sibling, relative or even a carer. Contact us today and find out about the visa options and whether you are eligible to be a sponsor to bring your family into Australia.

    Partner Visa Australia

    Are you planning to get married and bring your fiancee to live in Australia? Can you bring a partner whom you are intending to marry in the near future to live in Australia? If you are married or in a de facto relationship for more 12 months, you may be eligible to sponsor your partner into Australia. Talk to us today and find out about the different criteria to be eligible to apply for a Partner Visa.

    Other Visas

    There are many visas options, many reasons to travel, and many reasons to stay in Australia,  talk to us about the appropriate other visas which may allow you to come to Australia.

    Welcome to Australian Study and Visa Services

    About Our Company

    Our Australian office is located at the center of Northbridge in Perth city, Western Australia. We represent most education providers in Australia and our education counsellors are experts in finding the right course for our clients which matches their study background, career interest, financial capability and English ability. Our student services division caters for student needs from course application, visa application, accommodation arrangement, overseas student health cover, medical checks, welfare arrangement, demi and au pair to airport welcome and pick-up for international students.

    Our investment team looks into the business migration needs from the types of new business investment options to feasibility study, audit of current client business, creation of Australian tax file number, Australian bank accounts to real estate matters to lease or buy a residential property for you and your family in Australia.

    Our team of registered migration agents provide immigration consultation and advice including visa application, preparation you for hearing with the Department  or response to Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation or Refusal of Visa from the Ministry.

    We empathize with our clients and we look into all the needs of new migrants be it a temporary migrant such as a student or permanent migrants bringing their families to live in Australia. We treat our clients as trusted associate and we cultivate long-lasting friendship with individuals, families and business owners.

    You are in good hands with Australian Study and Visa Services, we take care of you needs in your plans to Australia and help you in everything you need to study, invest, start a business, travel, work or migrate to live permanently in Australia.

    Free Visa Advice Australia

    Preliminary consultation is made to establish rapport with our clients and understanding the main issues and expectation. We will be there for our clients, seeing things from your perspectives, non-judgemental and providing accurate and timely advice about the migration law and regulations

    Registered Migration Agent Perth

    Our team of registered migration agents will provide honest and frank advice about the prospect of success in any visa application or any response to the Department of Home Affairs in any visa cancellation or refusal cases. We follow strictly by the Code of Conduct laid out by the Office of the Migration Agent Registration Authority (OMARA).

    We will act in the best interest of our clients and we will be upfront about the services which our company can provide and the charges and fees incur in any application or visa matters. Rest assured that any immigration timeline provided by the Department or tribunal will be observed and met accordingly.

    Visa Checklist Australia

    We provide checklist and timeline to our clients to ensure every documents, evidence and supporting materials are collected and ready to meet any datelines set out by the Department or respective case officers. Our long standing business relationships have been built on trust and expert advise. You can be rest assured that we will be acting in your lawful best interests at all times

    Do Not Risk Visa Refusal

    With our team of dedicated registered migration agents and counsellors, we will look into every detail needed to enhance your chance of success. We have a track record of high success rate in our immigration services and we pride ourselves as experts and specialists in this industry. No point risking refusals, talk to us today!

    Migration Advice

    We talk your lingo whenever possible so that you can understand and approach us at anytime. Our experts are friendly and kind, approachable and ready to provide clear, honest and accurate advice. We understand that every application is unique and we will assess your circumstances carefully before providing any immigration advice and guidance according to the Australian Migration Law and Regulations.

    About The Team

    Dr Janet Ng Powell


    Our principal consultant, Dr Janet Ng Pownall is a Business PhD holder from the University of Newcastle, Australia with over 30 years of work experience which include student recruitment, Australian visa application and international business. She is also a registered migration agent and a qualified education counsellor agent of Australia. Our team consists of registered migration agents, qualified education agent counsellor of Australia and professionals from Australian Business and Law Schools. We have business ownership and management experience spanning over 20 years in education, migration and international business industry.  Our vast experience enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive visa application checklist for each type of visa applied, guidance of evidence to be provided and a track record of successful applications through dedicated teamwork with our clients.

    We specialised in Student, Partner, Business, Work and Australian Permanent Residency Visas. We also provide guidance to international students who wish to remain temporarily to work in Australia or to apply for Australian permanent residency visas after their studies. Our dedication and attention to detail have earned us countless testimonials and referrals for assisting individuals and migrants to successfully reach their goals to study, work and live in Australia.



    Mr Justin Chan


    Justin Chan has a Bachelor of Health Sciences  degree from Curtin University and has worked with our company since 2019.

    Justin is a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC) and has helped enrol international students from a variety of backgrounds such as Malaysians, Singaporeans, Kenyans, Indians, China, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom and all nationalities to study Diploma/ Degree courses in Australia.

    With his expertise, we have helped international students from all background in their student visa application, change the course of their studies, Professional Year enrolment and providing support to international students at no professional fee. Our success rate for student visa application is 99.99% for both onshore and offshore applications. He assist in your visa application matters, preparing your evidences and supporting documents to meet your genuine temporary entrant criteria to meet the student visa application requirement.

    Administration Manager

    Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC Q791)

     BSc. Health Science, Curtin University, WA

    Mr Chandler Ma



    Chandler Ma  completed his Master of Applied  Finance at University of Western Australia and Master of Professional Accounting at Southern Cross University in Australia. He has a Bachelor of Management from University of Light Industry Zhengzhou in China. With 6 years of work experience as Financial Planning and Analysis Specialist and Project Accountant in a variety of industries in China, Chandler is a valuable asset in managing the day-to-day operations and accounting system of our Company.



    Mr Eugene Chan


    Student Counsellor

    Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC N952)

    BSc. Environmental Science, Murdoch University, WA

    Mr Dennis Koh


    SA Branch Manager

    Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC S140)

    Bachelor of Commerce, Economics and Marketing

    Deakin University, Melbourne



    Mrs Bee Leng Koay


    SA Administration Executive

    Mrs Gina Ng


    Administration Executive



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    Why Choose Us

    40 + years of Australian and International Industry Experience

    Our team has a rich background in Business and Education. We understand the many questions you have about Visa’s for coming to Australia

    Australian Government Registered Migration Agents

    We are qualified and experienced in all aspects of Australian Migration and have the team of experts for your Australian Business and Labour Market advice

    All Australian visa Subclasses handled

    Our Strengths are for Students and Business

    Responsible and friendly advice

    We take our job very seriously and very methodical, but we are also friendly and insightful people for any questions you have.

    Experts in Australian Business

    Honest advice given clearly and confidentially –

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Free visa consultation

    Initial FREE consultation migration agent to better understand what you want to do and what your current situation is. We will provide free visa advice and provide you the various options that may be available in your circumstances so that you can decide the best pathway to choose.

    Frank advice

    We provide you with the information you would like to know and the information you must know. We explain your chances of visa approval, the response to notice of intention to consider cancellation and administrative appeals tribunal procedure. We can provide you with information about visa processing time, visa application fee and relevant information pertaining to your immigration need.

    Checklist and timeline

    We provide you with a checklist for visa application and set timeline when you are required to make a visa application or provide a response to the Immigration department. We are qualified to certify all copies of documents to be submitted in your visa application.

    Improve success rate

    Increase your likelihood and chance of success – Why risk this life changing process by taking average advice?

    Guided application

    We ensure you follow the right pathway and receive the right information, compile the right documents, at the right time and in the right manner, to meet the required criteria of the Department with up to date and current Australian Government Immigration Policy.

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