The skilled migration visa requires a the lodgement of an Expression is Interest (EOI) and meeting many criteria set by the Australian government. As this is a visa offered to only those who has the relevant qualification, work experience and within specified age group, there strict criteria to be met to be selected.

Our service include helping you to compile the required information and guide you to write an ‘eligible’  Expression Of Interest  (EOI) to be eligible to receive an Invitation To Apply (ITA) from the Department. In the application of 190 or 489 visa application, where an Australian state or territory nomination is required, we will contact the relevant state department before making any lodgement for our client.

We help and manage you through the entire application process and the critical timing needed for character, health and skills assessments by the authorized Skills Assessment Authority relevant to your nominated occupation.

Selection criteria for skilled migration visa include of:-

  1. The points test , (how to maximise your points and have greatest chance of success)
  2. Your age (how timing may be important for your application)
  3. Your qualifications (how to evidence, which qualifications are most useful and what you need)
  4. Your work experience, (where and when you gained the experience)
  5. The level of English language required and how to provide evidence of your ability and,
  6. Australian study requirement (how long you must be studying in Australia to qualify).


Australian Study and Visa Services will show what is the level of English Language required and how to improve your English ability to gain higher points. The selection of candidates from the pool of applicants is based on highest points or the best candidate available. It will greatly benefit your eligibility to submit an EOI with your highest points possible in a skilled migration visas application. 

We can advise you on the timing of when you have undertaken a suitable English language test and strategy to make sure your last English qualification was achieved within 36 months of being issued an invitation to apply for a visa. 



We will advise you on what health criteria you and your dependents must meet, any medical examinations required and both how and where this can be done.



We guide you the required way to provide evidence that you have satisfied the character criteria through the correct police clearance certifications for the correct time-frames required to prove you meet the requirements of only good people of suitable character to be granted a visa to come to Australia.  

We will explain to you clearly:-

  • What the costs associated with applying for and grant of the visa are and the application guidelines for the most suitable visa you may be eligible for.
  • How to include your family members as secondary applicants.

We will ensure you understand:-

  • The obligations you have on each visa, and what you must do whilst holding each visa.
  • What each visa allows you to do, and your entitlements as the visa holder such as social security entitlements and working rights.