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The Australian Government has released the Migration Strategy, which introduces significant changes to the country’s migration system. The strategy aims to address the future needs of Australia and benefit its people, businesses, governments, and migrants.

The government has established few key actions regarding Temporary Graduate Visa and Study,

1. Increased English Language Requirements

In early 2024, the Government plans to raise English language requirements for the Student and Temporary Graduate visas:

  • for a Temporary Graduate visa: from IELTS* 6.0 to 6.5
  • for a Student visa: from IELTS* 5.5 to 6.0
  • for ELICOS students: from IELTS 5.5* to 6.0 4.5 to 5.0
  • for university foundation or pathway programs: setting the requirement at IELTS* 5.5

*or equivalent


2. Strengthening Student Visa Integrity and Pathways in Australia

A new Genuine Student test will be implemented to encourage genuine student applications and discourage those primarily seeking work. The Genuine Student test replaces the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement but acknowledges post-study migration options.

Two Ministerial Directions will be introduced to ensure student visa processing integrity.

  • considers factors like academic progression and study relevance to set expectations for student visa applicants.
  • prioritizes student visa processing based on provider risk levels, affecting processing times for higher risk providers.


3. Strengthen requirements for international education providers

The Government will take steps to strengthen integrity, quality, entry requirements, and student support in the international education sector, aiming to tackle non-genuine providers.


4. Addressing Onshore Visa Hopping and Promoting System Integrity in Australia

  • Enhanced Scrutiny for International Student Visa Applications for another student visa: The Government will implement the Genuine Student test for eligible students applying within Australia. Students must provide evidence in their application to show that their subsequent course aligns with their career or academic aspirations. (Examples: undertaking a practical VET course alongside a degree or pursuing research for a Masters qualification in their field.)
  • Limiting Onshore Transfers from Temporary Graduate to Student Visas

5. Five key changes to strengthen and simplify Temporary Graduate Visas (refer picture 2)